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Aldo Crusher. Messicano. Idealista dell’urbanistica by his own. Illustratore. Per il magazine Aire ha realizzato le illustrazioni di alcune capitali mondiali, e ci ha catturato. Laureato in Graphic Design, Aldo ha vinto numerosi premi, tra cui (i più recenti) il Promaxbda Promotion & Marketing Global Excellence Award Gold Art Direction and Design e il Silver Latin America Awards, sempre per lo stesso settore ma inerente alla parte video. Attualmente collabora con la HBO Latino Americana ma non escludiamo di vederlo percorrere nuove strade.

Dice di se stesso:

I believe in creative expression,
I have a passion for learning new things,
I’ve been drawing since I could walk,
I fall asleep during awesome movies,
I spent six years of my life doing this, and this,
I wasted some time here, and here,
I love having breakfast for dinner,
I believe in a healthy lifestyle, but
I have an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter,
I love making things by hand,
I love music but I listen to very bad music.


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